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What is Lean Belly 3x?

Formulated by Shaun Hadsall Beyond 40, this is a weight loss support solution for people aged 40 or above. It is specifically formulated for people with a slow metabolism, those that are having trouble losing weight no matter how hard they try or what they do.

To this end, the formula taps into a composition of natural ingredients that are safe to take. It also harnesses the potential of Asian plants that have little recognition of their fat loss benefits.


A lot of research has gone into the preparation of this formula, which confirms that it is safe to take and effective in delivering positive results in no time. In fact, some people who have used this supplement for weight loss have lost as many as ten pounds in a short time.


All in all, Shaun Hadsall’s Lean Belly 3X is a helpful solution that doesn’t rely on harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients for encouraging fat loss. If anything, all ingredients are well-studied and come with a reputation of promoting natural weight loss. These ingredients are also scientifically backed for going to the heart of the problem.

How Does Lean Belly 3X Work?

Lean Belly 3X only contains two active ingredients: 1,500mg safflower oil and 5mg BioPerine black pepper extract. Safflower oil is rich in a compound called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). CLA has been shown to help with weight loss and muscle tone, according to over a dozen studies.

Black pepper extract is used in many supplements to increase the absorption and utilization of nutrients. According to the formula, the black pepper extract in Lean Belly 3X enhances the absorption of CLA while also boosting its fat-releasing effects, according to Beyond 40.

All-Natural and Clinically Proven
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What specifically makes LeanBelly 3X the best supplement of its kind?

While there are 28 different CLA types (or, isomers), in nature, the most important isomer is cis-9, trans-11 (c9,t11). When it comes to a toning supplement, however, there are two isomers critical for maximum effectiveness and benefits. Both the c9,t11 isomer mentioned and the trans-10, cis-12 (t10,c12) isomer, and both need to be provided in equal amounts to experience the synergistic effects that contribute to provide CLA benefits.†

Speaking of the benefits of this body-toning supplement, experimental research has shown conjugated linoleic acid may work with the body’s enzymes involved in fat mobilization and storage to help support healthy body composition.† More than a dozen human studies have shown that supplementation with CLA may help reduce body fat while maintaining (and in some cases, increasing) calorie-burning muscle, ultimately helping support quality weight and that lean, toned look we’ve talked about.†

As a testament to conjugated linoleic acid being a true body toner, four separate systematic reviews with meta-analysis (which many would argue represent the gold standard for scrutinizing and summarizing scientific research on a given topic) have concluded that supplementing with conjugated linoleic acid may help reduce body fat and maintain (or increase) lean muscle.†

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