How to earn 77% Cash Back on purchase you make at

by Sunday, August 25, 2021

The -72% promotion for 2 years plan is nothing new, it is available all the time. However, in conjunction with the Quidco website, we can get an additional 77% cashback. To get cashcback, you’ll need to log into your Quidco account, search for NordVPN and click through to subscribe.

What is Quidco?

Quidco is a cashback website. That essentially means that if you buy something from any retailer online (or even in store in some select cases – more about that later), Quidco will give you cash back.

How does Quidco make money?

Quidco is a business. So of course it’s out to make money. It wouldn’t just be giving you money for nothing!

The site makes its money from affiliate revenues.

In other words, every single time someone clicks a link on Quidco to any of the listed retailers, that click is tracked. And if you then go on to make a purchase in a certain timeframe, this is a purchase tracked back to Quidco. The retiler then pays Quidco a commission on it.

Quidco passes much of this commission on to you in the form of cashback. So Quidco makes money from the retailers themselves by referring them sales. 

How to sign up for Quidco and get sign up bonuses

you can visit which is my referral link. If you sign up via that link you  get £5 sign-up bonus.

Can I use Quidco abroad?

Quidco is a UK based website, but you should still be able to track purchases from other countries. 

My Quidco Earnings

In the interests of transparency, here’s how much I’ve earned on Quidco.

I tend to only use Quidco when I’m going to make a purchase anyway. I don’t go there looking for deals and offers to make unplanned purchases.

Around half of this has been made around the four Christmas shopping periods I have been using the website.

I haven’t used Quidco for all qualifying purchases. I don’t always remember! I reckon I check for Quidco links on more than 9/10 of the purchases I make though.